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We offer a variety of services that include:

Consider High Performance Coatings for Your Project

KC believes that using a better coating, which can more that double the life of your job, is worth the investment. High Performance coating are, no doubt, more expensive up front. We would argue if you way the cost out over a period of time you will be saving a lot of money and time dealing with the upkeep. Not to mention the high quality appearance will last much longer. These are NOT products that can be purchased at your local hardware store. They are made for serious professional applications and require a high level of skill and knowledge to apply them. For industry, these coatings are a must, for the homeowner it is worth serious consideration. If the quality is good enough for industry, how do you think it will hold up at home?

For example:
Two part polyurethanes for your exterior doors, cabinetry, and metal work that will outperform traditional coatings that are available to the general public.

High solid coatings that will hold their color and last up to 2 times as long as traditional coatings

What is the PRICE versus the COST of painting?

Price is not necessarily cost. KC’s high standards of preparation, material choice and application technique can dramatically extend the life of the coating, saving thousands of dollars over just a few years. Experience is crucial. Painting involves a lot more than just applying product. There are a wide variety of situations that can cause a paint failure and it takes a company with experience to avoid these pitfalls. Remember that paint is more than aesthetics – it is the protective barrier between the environments and your home.

Our estimates are free! Our process of inspection can uncover problems you may not know about. An estimate from KC will give you the comfort of knowing where you currently stand and what your future needs may be.

A consistent program of home maintenance will help assure your investment is well protected. Painting your existing home can be rewarding and exciting but also considered it is an excellent tool for home sale or a leverage point for home purchase.