About Us

K.C. Painting is a San Diego based Painting and Restoration Corporation developed with the intention of providing an unparalleled level of service and commitment to quality.

K.C. Painting started business in April of 1998. It was founded by two partners Eric Klippel and Anthony Camarda. Eric has an extensive background in painting, construction, and business management. Anthony has an extensive background in painting and site management. Combined they have over 30 years experience in the painting industry. Eric is now the President of the, now, corporation and Anthony is the secretary. KC’s customer can rest assured that they will see one of them on every job site!

K.C.’s goal is to provide customers with the highest quality service and custom work available, while continuing to maintain a competitive price, KC has distinguished itself from the competition. They have accomplished this by utilizing years of experience and expertise, along with the highest quality labor, tools and products they can buy. The crews are well supervised and communication with the customer is a #1 priority.

The owners of the company are always available for customer questions, comments, or concerns and will strive to keep every customer informed and most importantly reassured that there project is being handled with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. When you hire K.C. Painting rest assured you will not need to waste your valuable time making sure the job is done right.

K.C. Painting is proud to boast that the owners actually paint. They pride themselves on their solid reputation developed mostly through the referrals of customers. Clients are so impressed with their attention to detail, clean job sites, and the care that is taken to protect the clients’ personal property that they are pleased to display their homes and tell their friends and neighbors that “KC painted it”.